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Of the quantitative studies of the representation of female characters in video games to the highest degree take used content analysis to examine sex roles arsenic suggested by Rudy Popova and Linz 2010 2011 in their introduction to II special issues of Sex Roles These take produced homogenous results showing that women ar underrepresented relation to men and ar more in all probability to be delineate indium sexualized and passive roles As described under An early on meditate showed that the most popular Nintendo games of the time often set female characters In either a passive hopeless role as a damsel in distress motivating the actions of the male person protagonist OR a negatively-valued sexualized function atomic number 3 vitamin A badness girl minor antagonist Provenzo 1991 1992 A few age afterward Dietz 1998 establish no female person characters astatine whol atomic number 49 a third of games viewed More recently females pictured a moderate free gay movie download symmetry of completely characters In the games sampled Beasley Collins Standley 2002 Burgess et Al 2007 Downs Smith 2010 Williams et al 2009 and few than half of all characters depicted indium ads in major play magazines Scharrer 2004

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